AIO Synergy Holdings Berhad (AIO) was founded in 2014. We are a software development company that serves a broad mix of industries with an outstanding reputation for our unique capabilities in development services, experiences and innovative thinking.

Our Corporate Vision

AIO evolves as a global platform provider connecting communities and empowering businesses of all sizes with our top-notch development and application strategies.

Our Mission Statement

AIO is designed to operate as one – to unite and to deliver value-added solutions and to adopt a customized approach in addressing all our client’s business requirements through active use of digital platforms and mobile applications.

Our Culture

AIO believes that diverse talents builds a better company; our employees are our greatest assets. We aspire to create a conducive and work-life balanced working environment in order to foster creativity and enhance productivity. Talent development is an ongoing effort whereby our employees are given equal opportunity to learn and contribute to projects and the development of the company.

Our Capabilities

With great technical expertise, AIO provides leading-edge capabilities in a diversified range of software development services as well as our own proprietary mobile and desktop applications. Our research and development (R&D) team consist of 50 highly qualified solution specialists whom are trained in the solution development from vast industries. They are specialize in the following technical areas:

  • PHP development
  • Java development
  • Mobile application (front-end) development
  • Games development
  • User interface and graphic design
  • Server administration
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