Governmental study study subjects. As a Political Science major, you shall:

Governmental study study subjects. As a Political Science major, you shall:

The undergraduate system in Political Science at Rice University educates pupils about governmental technology due to the fact scientific study of political establishments, governmental behavior, and policy that is public.

system centers around three subfields, and pupils can concentrate on 1 or 2 of the subfields or approach the main much much much more broadly:

  • Us Politics – the research of politics and federal government in the usa
  • Relative Politics – the research of domestic politics in countries outside of the united states of america
  • Overseas Relations – the scholarly research of just exactly just how nations communicate with each other

Mission and Mastering Effects

The goal associated with undergraduate system is to present pupils with a powerful, substantive and theoretical knowledge of governmental technology, to instruct students just how to carry out empirical study, to simply help pupils develop and boost their interaction abilities, also to motivate pupils become informed and accountable residents.

The most important features a few particular targets for pupils to simply help attain the department’s objective.

  1. Develop a diverse comprehension of governmental research and much more certain knowledge within one or even more subfields (Substantive understanding)
  2. Develop crucial reasoning abilities and also the power to use governmental research concepts to know the governmental globe (Vital reasoning)
  3. Discover ways to understand, carry out and assess governmental technology research, including information collection and information evaluation strategies and analytical computer pc software (Empirical evaluation)
  4. Develop and enhance written, dental, and aesthetic interaction abilities and also the power to provide political research research to a gathering (correspondence)
  5. Become the best citizen in a position to engage successfully and meaningfully when you look at the process that is politicalCitizenship)

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