For AIO products and services, we have created a strong forte in mobile applications that cater to the daily needs of both social and business communities; with the aim of fostering closer ties among individuals and businesses with communal interest via digitization of businesses and knowledge sharing.

Omnity is a smart community app tailored for the gated and guarded residential enclaves. The app links up residents to the developer and community management group to improve home safety and stay connected to the neighbourhood. This secured platform features:

  • Vehicle Access Control (VAC)
  • Facility Management
  • Location-Centric Information & Feedback
  • Community Social Networking
  • Broadcasting of Announcements
  • Notification of Emergencies
  • Management Inquiry
  • Community Marketplace

For more information on Omnity, kindly visit https://omnity.my

Omnichat is a social chat app that expands beyond other common instant messaging app; it comes with social networking features especially for business communities, with improved security and merchant services under one roof. This secured interactive app features:

  • Messaging
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • “Moments”
  • OmniPoint and OmniPay
  • View Earned Vouchers
  • Link Loyalty or Member Cards
  • Organise Schedules and Meetings
  • View QR Codes
  • Advertising Platform
  • Merchant Management Interface

For more information on Omnichat, kindly visit https://omnichat.my

VIPCall helps enterprises address this imbalance in the system. Traditional caller ID systems were static i.e. it wasn’t easy to change the number that shows up on the recipient’s phone. VIPCall allows users to customize this piece of data. So, you can show one number for call 1 and another for call 2 etc.
VoIP service providers can set up this feature in different ways. Some vendors allow users to switch between multiple numbers within their account. Others need you to provide a list of numbers that have this feature enabled. In some systems, you can dial a specific code to change the number displayed on outbound calls. While you do have to memorize the codes, it is an easy way to switch caller ID for multiple calls.

Point2Point is an in-house dispatch tracking system developed by AIO as the tool to allow client to track their dispatch document location and status.


  • Allow end-to-end tracking of documents by PIC and Admin
  • Each documents is track by a unique QR code
  • Late delivery and late return notification to both sender and runner
  • Turn around time tracking
  • Support both pre-scheduled and ad-hoc delivery and collection


At all stages for new product creation, AIO only deliver the best quality according to the Client’s need and preferred development method.

We are offering:

Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Social Trading

Affiliate Marketing

Game Solution


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Project development starts with system design, and detailed discussions need to be taken place to allow us to understand your specific requirements.

In a project, planning sets you up for success. Our IT consultant will be in charge of mapping out your project content, making sure the project is headed in the right direction.

Once the project is confirmed, our development team will continue with the system development life cycle of defining, designing, testing and implementing process.

We only ship software after thoroughly testing it. Importantly, we are standing by to assist you in debugging and fixing any problems within a specific project timeframe.

Not IT savvy enough? Don’t worry, we will document all system operating procedures and system guidelines for you.

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